Glory in the yard on her first day home
Colby enjoying the good life on his first day coming home to us.
a puppy out of Glory's litter
Strike at 4 yrs old--see that handsome head!!
Glory's head shot taken at 2005 Nationals
We will occasionally have puppies available at Panacea Vizslas.  If you are interested in a vizsla puppy, make sure you do your homework on researching the breed.  Vizslas make wonderful pets, but they are not for everyone!

****Panacea Vizslas is proud to announce the following upcoming breedings!

1. Colby has been chosen to sire a litter by Ice (CH Kizmar Ice Potion JH AX OAJ) (Kizmar Vizslas) with puppies expected to be born around February 22, 2010, and ready to go to their new homes in April.  We are very excited about this litter and the potential it may have.  We are hoping for a nice boy out of this litter to come back to Panacea Vizslas!  If you are interested in more information regarding this litter, please contact myself or Kathy Rust.

2.  Colby will be the sire of  a repeat breeding to Moxie (CH Jakra's Vividly Poised N Savvy) (Jakra Vizslas) in the Spring of 2010.  The first litter was absolutely amazing, and we are hopeful this litter will be just as nice!  Check out Colby's Kids page to see some of his kids from the first litter! If you are interested in a puppy from this breeding, please contact Debbie Pedersen or myself.

At Panacea vizslas, much thought and research is put into the prospective litter.  We strive to produce vizslas that are versatile in every venue.  We want puppies who will be great companions, are able to hunt, have wonderful temperaments, conform to the written vizsla standard, and will live long lives in their new homes. 

When you get a puppy from Panacea Vizslas, you are becoming a member of a family--the Panacea family.  Placing our puppies into the correct homes is of utmost importance.  Be prepared to be asked a lot of questions, fill out a questionnaire and go through a phone interview process.  We also expect a lot of questions to be asked of us, and our breeding program.

We do sell on a spay/neuter contract with limited registration, unless you plan on showing your new puppy in conformation shows. 

If you are interested in a vizsla puppy, please contact us and we can help you find a reputable breeder.
Glory/Strike Litter 2006
One of Glory's puppies at 7 weeks of age in the yard--this was Grace, now known as Penny
Glory's first litter at 3 weeks